Starting a Personal Training Business

Your Personal Training Business Is Made Simple With Us

What if there was a way to own your own personal training business without having to stress about a bunch of the nitty-gritty details?

In other words, what if you could focus on delivering life-changing results to your clients instead of that backend stuff that can take you away from your purpose?

Wait, wait! There IS a way you can do that! All you need to do is join the RIGHT personal training franchise! That’s where we (Fit Body Boot Camp) come in…

Our CEO, Bedros Keuilian, started Fit Body Boot Camp with a revolutionary idea. While most fitness franchisors try to nickel and dime their franchisees, Bedros knew that personal trainers needed support and assistance more than anything, since he was once a struggling fitness professional himself.

That’s the mindset that helped him, and Fit Body Boot Camp, change the fitness industry forever. As opposed to other franchises, FBBC makes buy-in rates affordable, provides expert marketing, offers full website support, and makes the process of finding and opening a location as smooth as can be!

We’ll Help You Find Your Ideal Location
One of the trickiest parts about opening up a fitness business is finding the right location. Many personal trainers struggle to decide on their target audience, let alone search out where that target audience is located.

Fit Body takes all of that guesswork out of the equation! Our franchise delivers results primarily to women ages 25-55, and we are well-versed in reaching this demographic. Trust us: we’ll teach you everything you need to know to reign in leads like nobody’s business!

Still, you need a location that your target demographic can get to in no time. Again, our territory experts scout out your city, run population metrics, and locate an ideal location for you to start your own fitness business franchise! Not that bad, huh? We’ll even help you negotiate the lease!

Leave The Marketing To Us
Another way personal trainers can burn out easily is by spending hours, days, and weeks designing their very own marketing strategy, one that isn’t even guaranteed to work.

How would it feel to have an experienced marketing team working for you? Better yet, imagine that they could gift-wrap you proven marketing campaigns and promos that you could plug directly into your business.

That’s exactly what any strong franchise, especially Fit Body Boot Camp, will do for you. Need a summer challenge that will get you leads that are excited for your programs? No sweat.

Dominate The Online Space
If you’ve ever trekked on the path to starting your own fitness business, you know how important it is to dominate the online space. Having a pretty website, engaging sales copy, and presentable graphics can make a strong impression on prospects interested in your business.

Creating and running your own website is time-consuming, though. Plus, it’s a lot more difficult if you don’t have any background in web development.

We’ll gladly take all of that stress off your hands!

Our web developers are tech savvy superstars that specialize in getting professional, SEO-friendly sites up and running for you. Any fitness pro would rather spend their time improving the quality of their service rather than learning how to code.

Benefit From Ongoing Coaching Support
As great as all of this is, you still need to know how to run a successful business. Many aspiring fitness professionals come into business with a vague idea of how it works. Some even think they’re qualified to own their own business because they’ve been employed as a trainer at a big box gym.

Being in a business and being the owner of a business are two completely different things. That transition from employee to entrepreneur can be a rough one without the proper support…

That’s why we provide our owners with ongoing coaching support. We make sure that you never feel alone, lost, or unsupported. For a new fitness professional worried about getting their business off the ground, this means freedom and low stress levels.

Extend Your Reach!
What a franchise REALLY offers you, though, is something that goes beyond resources and accountability. It’s the power to change more lives!

There’s no need to think twice about whether you’ll get people through the door to try your training out. If you invest in a solid fitness franchise, you get the backing of a household brand. If people already trust that brand, you’re already miles ahead of your competition because building a reputation usually takes years of quality service.

Of course, this exposure gets prospects excited to try out your training. If you can deliver up to, and even beyond, the level of service they expect, you’ll have yourself a bustling business in no time!

The best part for you is that you’ll have the chance to double, triple, maybe even quadruple the number of lives you could change, all thanks to the support and reach of a fitness franchise. That beats doing it alone, having to scrounge for clients all across the map.

Where Do I Sign Up?
Whatever it is, Fit Body Boot Camp is here for you. We believe that every fitness professional deserves to focus on what they know and love the most—fitness. That’s a luxury that many young personal trainers would love to have.

That’s just a taste of what a solid personal training franchise can offer you, the ambitious personal trainer looking to get some skin in the business game. This post can’t cover everything that an entrepreneur will face in opening their own fitness business, but hopefully it reassures you that anything you go through on that path, a fitness franchise has already seen before.

Where can you get started? Just hit that “Express Ownership Interest” tab at the top, fill out the form, and sit back, as one of our franchise business advisors will contact you with more information!

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