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It’s Time To Take Your Personal Training Business To The Big Leagues

Fitness professionals—specifically, personal trainers—have so much power in their hands. They hold the formula to massive weight loss, fitness, and health. That’s something that is NEVER out of demand.

Now personal trainers can have a huge impact on the community, but imagine how many lives you could change if you simply converted your personal training business into a franchise. You’d be able to scale your business and implement your proven fitness formula worldwide!

Before you get to that point, you need to focus on building a personal training business that can easily become a franchise. That means that you need to systemize the way your fitness business runs.

That’s the focus of any great fitness business, especially Fit Body Boot Camp. Our systems are all designed to be replicated by anyone that decides to open up a Fit Body location.

Many aspiring trainers wonder how they can stand out in the crowded marketplace that is fitness. Some even resort to gimmicky training and marketing to attract any clients they can get.

Here’s some good news: you don’t need to be a gimmick! All you need is a strong business model and a specific niche focus, and you can grow faster than any other trainer in your area!

There’s one question, then: how do you take your personal training business to the major leagues?

Become A Trusted Fitness Expert
First, you’ll need to be seen as your neighborhood’s most trustworthy trainer—someone people will feel comfortable trusting their health too.

A fitness coach cheers on his clients during a dumbbell workout at top gym franchise Fit Body Boot Camp.

Certification is a great—and required—place to start for any personal trainer. It’s how clients know you’re legit, that you are well-schooled in getting people fit and healthy.

Two great organizations to get certified by are the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE)!

What Is Your Niche?
Now the key to starting any business is to find your niche. This is a SPECIFIC group of people you decide to cater your services to.

If you narrow down your market, your business will take shape. You’ll be able to tap into your clients’ interests, hobbies, and anxieties, and show them why your training is a perfect fit for them! That’s much more effective than casting a wide net and trying to attract every client from every demographic out there…

Be The Trainer Your Clients Deserve
Now let’s talk about your role as a personal trainer. You’re not just there to teach the proper form, and you know that getting in shape is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one.

A great personal trainer figures out how to light the fire under his clients. They take the time to get to know each client on a personal level, then pinpoint how to best motivate that person. That extra push can be the difference between a client tapping out early and seeing results.

It’s really easy to judge yourself against other personal trainers out there. The temptation will be to focus on beating the competition…

Your competition isn’t the fitness gym down the street. In fact, it’s not even those famous personal trainers that you see on TV…

The REAL competition is those greasy fast food places that suck your clients out of the gym. Your competition is those doctors that lower our country’s health standards.

That’s what should push you to offer top-of-the-line service to your clients: the best workouts, the best meal plans, and the best accountability out there—what Fit Body Boot Camp aims to provide all of its clients with.

Happy Fit Body clients smile after a workout. Bringing joy to clients is one of FBBC’s tenets as a fitness franchise.

Learn And Grow From Adversity
The process of becoming a bonafide personal trainer doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, many of the world’s best trainers know what works because they learned from trial-and-error. They had their fingers on the pulse at all times, weeding out those workouts and meal plans that didn’t work and sticking with the ones that did.

What if there was a way to skip that step? Wait…maybe there is!
Fit Body Boot Camp has already gone through that trial-and-error process. We know what works and what doesn’t. That means you, as an owner, can take the express lane to success by simply using the strategies we give you!

If you face a little adversity, don’t stress: it’s completely normal! It’s all about how you respond to that adversity that will make-or-break you as a trainer.

Get The Right Equipment—Represent Your Business Right
So where do you even begin? You need to purchase some equipment, roll out your marketing, and save up to pay any startup costs.

Your equipment needs to check three boxes: it should match the workouts you plan to offer, it needs to be transportable if you plan on doing house calls, and it should be uniform.

Professionalism isn’t just how you carry yourself; it’s about how you present your business, too. If a trainer uses a bunch of old, janky equipment, no one’s going to want to work out with them. Likewise, you decide to update your equipment, you’ll give off the impression of being prepared and official.

One other way to come across as a fitness expert right away is to look the part. Get yourself in rock-solid shape, because you are a human billboard advertising the results you can offer potential clients.

Market, Market, Market!
You also need to learn the game of marketing if you want your fitness business to thrive. One of the best ways to create buzz about your training is to produce results. For instance, you could offer discounted workouts to employees from businesses your clients love to visit. If they love your workouts, they’ll be more likely to tell their clients about you—those clients that make up your target audience.

Get Ready For Startup Costs
Finally, you’ll need to account for startup costs. If you’re looking to join a personal training franchise, buy-in costs are often exceedingly high and hard on the bank.

You could save up until you FINALLY have the money needed to get into business, but even then, there’s no guarantee that your business will survive.

OR you could speed up the process and join Fit Body Boot Camp! Our franchise makes equipment selection, marketing, and startup costs easier on aspiring fitness pros. We give you exact recommendations for top-notch equipment, we can completely automate your marketing with done-for-you systems, and we offer one of the lowest buy-in rates of ANY franchise out there!

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