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Why You Should Start Your Fitness Boot Camp as a Franchise

If fitness boot camps are so easy to run and so profitable, you may be wondering why you even need to open a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise. Can’t you go and open your own boot camp brand and get mostly the same results?

The truth is, because boot camps are so popular and so easy to create, there’s now a huge glut of boot camps on the market. This means there’s more competition than ever, and that competition is especially fierce at the bottom, where thousands of one-location boot camps are fighting for recognition, usually by cutting their prices way too low and sacrificing quality service for unsafe crash diets and lose-fat-quick schemes.

That’s why the best way to open a fitness boot camp is to join the industry leader in fitness boot camps. Fit Body Boot Camp was created back when fitness boot camps were still a new concept and most of the fitness industry still saw them as a fad. Since then, we’ve optimized the business model through standing up almost 700 locations around the globe and creating hundreds of thousands of weight loss transformations.

As you might imagine, we’ve had our bumps and scratches along the way, and now we’re happy to give you our straightforward business blueprint so you skip right to the part where you earn a lifestyle of freedom and help hundreds of people in your community get fit.

To help you with your decision, here’s a short list of some of the benefits of opening a fitness boot camp franchise instead of trying to do it all alone:

Help with Your Grand Opening

You need to go big with your Grand Opening if you want to set your boot camp up for success. Too many small business owners waste their Grand Opening opportunity by not offering a sweet enough deal, not attracting enough press, or not holding a Grand Opening at all.

When you’re opening a new business, you have a chance to be in the spotlight and attract that critical cohort of early adopter clients who will help you quickly expand and reach profitability. Whenever a new business opens in town, people are naturally curious about it, especially if it’s a major brand like Fit Body Boot Camp that they recognize from the media.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we give you the formula to host a hugely popular Grand Opening so you can attract a huge crowd of prospective clients. Then, we give you all the pre-written emails you need to get the word out, plus access to exclusive print materials that are custom-branded and tested for maximum conversions.

Then, we show you how to structure your charter membership prices to get the maximum number of early adopter clients, and we give you the scripts you need to ask them for the referrals and testimonials you’ll use to keep your business growing.

Pre-made, Professional Marketing Materials and Systems

Marketing is the toughest thing to master for most small business owners. It’s also the lifeblood of your business and the number one thing you need to get right to make sure you don’t lose business to the competition. To have an effective marketing plan, you always need to have three “poles in the water” in the form of online marketing, offline marketing, and referrals. Most small businesses owners end up using only one of those three, and they rarely optimize it for the best results!

So to give you an idea of what your marketing should look like, let’s take a look at the marketing system for a typical Fit Body Boot Camp location. Keep in mind, if you join our franchise, we will either install these systems for you automatically or give you detailed instructions on how to implement it, coupled with a live business coach to help you through any challenges you might have along the way.

For online marketing:

  • Every quarter, the Fit Body Boot Camp Headquarters automatically launches a new seasonal Web Special that attracts highly qualified leads into your location by giving them an irresistible 21 day offer.
  • We create your Facebook fan page for you and automatically post content to it throughout the week, then give you detailed instructions on what to post yourself to establish yourself as a fitness authority in your community.
  • We give you a library of pre-made challenges you can run to bring in even more qualified leads, using our professionally written sales copy and finely tuned offers. We recommend you run at least one of these every month.
  • We give you access to our exclusive Facebook Ad agency, complete with a Grand Opening credit, that operates on the principle of “we get paid for results.” Simply put: you send them a budget, they turn your dollars into leads, and if anything’s left over from the budget it goes straight back to you. It’s zero risk, all reward for you.
  • By working with influencers throughout the fitness industry and on Instagram, we constantly raise your brand profile as a Fit Body Boot Camp owner so that your community knows you are the number one trusted authority on fat loss.

For offline marketing:

  • We give you access to our exclusively branded, best performing, field tested direct mail pieces for you to send out. With more and more advertisers moving away from print marketing, that leaves more room for you to stand out in the mailbox with our professionally crafted offers!
  • We give you the script and detailed instructions to run “Lunch and Learns” for local businesses so that you can scoop up new clients by the dozen. This is a critically underused strategy for most small business owners and a fantastic way to put yourself years ahead of the competition.
  • We show you how to run open-invite “Grocery Store Tours” where you take members of your community on a healthy eating tour of their local grocery store, then give them an irresistible offer to come train with you. Again, this is an underused strategy that you can use to attract dozens of new clients at once.
  • We show you how to host body composition testing booths at local events and small businesses, so you can quickly educate new leads on the importance of fat loss, working out, and living healthy.
  • We give you the script to “reactivate” former clients who have stopped training with you for one reason or another. Many service-based business owners mistakenly believe that once a client leaves, they’re gone forever. Not true! With the right offer, a small business owner can reactivate up to 25% of old clients, which means 25 zero-cost leads for every 100 inactive clients on your mailing list.

For referrals:

  • We show you how to turn your community mavens into “fitness ambassadors” who will send you highly qualified leads for free every month in exchange for free or steeply discounted training. Who are “community mavens”? They’re owners of local salons, hairdressers, and other small businesses who have access to your target demographic.
  • We show you how to run referral contests to turn your happy clients into referral generating machines, complete with an exact script you can use to motivate them to get involved.
  • We even give you scripts for your clients to use when they go to refer their friends and family!

Ongoing Support

As a solo business owner, you have zero safety net. Whenever you face a new challenge in your business, it’s up to you to figure out what to do. With a powerful franchise like Fit Body Boot Camp, you’re never alone.

Our team of business coaches and our community of fellow owners will make sure you always get the answers you’re looking for as you grow your business. Our coaches will even act as your “scouts in the wild,” anticipating your future challenges and showing you how to solve them before they even come up.

For more information about how you can own a Fit Body Boot Camp, simply fill out and submit the Expression of Interest form right here on this page!

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