Fitness Boot Camp Business

The Fitness Boot Camp Business Plan “Cheat Sheet”

Listen here. SHHHHHHH, this stuff is top secret.

Alright, maybe that’s going a tad overboard, but really—who gives out their business plan THIS easily? Not many other franchises, that’s for sure.

Fit Body isn’t about selling you a franchise, then making you “figure it out” yourself. Our owners receive ongoing coaching and care from our dialed-in HQ team. Our team is committed to your success—the better you do, the better we do too!

Every great business is anchored by a plan, a list of strategies if you will. We’ve compiled a few of the strategies that will get you the leads, sales, and revenue you deserve.

Market Like A Boss
Let’s start off with marketing. Marketing is how your business gets seen by the right people at the right time. That’s how you’re going to convince that guy or gal on the couch to get up and train with you.

You need to attack marketing from two different angles: online and offline.

Online, you want to get those Facebook ads up and running, and you want to make sure they’re targeting a specific group of people. For your offline marketing, you’ll want to partner with local businesses that cater to your client base. Set up “lead boxes”—booths where prospects can fill out their info for more details about your programs—at their places of business.

Find Your Niche
Now you also want to find your niche, or the specific segment of the market you choose to serve, and this is the focal point of your business; you will base your sales, marketing, EVERYTHING off of this.

So here’s one question to ask yourself when deciding on your niche market: “Who would benefit most from the service I’m offering?”

How specific does your niche have to be? Well, why don’t we just say that the more you know your target audience, the better your marketing will perform.

It’s not enough to say that your training is for college-aged students. Instead, you could choose to target college freshmen that just gained 15 extra pounds from dining hall food alone. Those freshmen are busy with school, stressed about life, and stuck in the middle of transition…

If your training is short, relaxing, near a college campus, and welcoming, think about how appealing your training would be to that freshman seeking some stability in his or her life.

Let’s take our own franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, for example. The FBBC Woman—the 25-55 year old woman that represents the majority of our client base—is the ideal client for our business.

She’s got a hectic schedule, and she’s tried EVERYTHING to lose weight. None of it has worked. That’s why the FBBC Woman loves our workouts: our 30-minute sessions get results fast, and our franchises worldwide go the extra mile to make every client feel right at home—even those that believe they can’t lose weight.

Close Like The Pros
Let’s say you’ve already got a flood of clients interested in your fitness business. They’re waiting at your door, ready to be impressed by your fitness center. Now it’s time to become a pro closer.

A client sits down to speak with a coach. Care is what makes Fit Body Boot Camp one of the world’s best gym franchises.

Ideally you want to convert at least 8 out of every 10 prospects into clients. If you don’t believe that’s possible, I’d be willing to bet that you’re a couple quick fixes away from becoming a master closer and having fun while you sell.

When a prospect calls you on the phone, you want to have a script at the ready that will get them to give you a try. You can even build a list of possible objections with answers so you’re always prepared for what prospects could throw at you.

The other side of sales is the actual closing process—the make-or-break stage of your business. You might be thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of pressure on me to perform well”.

There’s a simple way to make it a LOT easier on yourself…prepare!

Find the perfect room to close in, write and memorize an engaging sales pitch, practice good body language habits—literally stack the odds in your favor! If something doesn’t work, just course correct and try something new!

Our franchise dominates closing sales. We’ve fashioned the ultimate blueprint for closing clients and outpacing the competition—and you get exclusive dibs on that blueprint as a FBBC Franchisee!

By the way, you’ll want to systemize every step of the closing process. That way, you’ll be able to hand off your sales process to others and know that your closing rate won’t dip at all.

The Power Of The Low Barrier Offer
You’re also going to want a juicy deal to entice prospects to check you out. That’s where the low barrier offer comes into play!

This is a short-term, cost-efficient program you’ll roll out. It could be a 21-day fat furnace, a 28-day bikini bod program, or even a 14-day weight loss challenge! Your objective is to show your leads just how effective your workouts are and how awesome your gym’s culture is.

Fit Body just happens to know a thing or two about marketing promos. Our expert team of marketers can help you set up low-barrier offers that will bring in waves and waves of leads to your facility. No longer do you have to stress about the ins and outs of marketing; you can just hand it off to the pros instead!

Many programs come with a meal plan designed to maximize results and teach healthy eating. Offering this package to leads is a deal that’s hard to refuse. Once you get them hooked on your training, closing will be a lot easier for you!

Meal plans are yet another benefit that Fit Body offers its owners. We’ve got recipes galore to choose from so you can put together effective and delicious meal plans for your clients!

Rake In Some Referrals
There’s also an amazing way to get more clients without spending a single cent on marketing…referrals!

Clients of Fit Body Boot Camp—a top gym franchise—enjoy a moment together after a great workout indoors.

Your best clients—the 20% that get fired up about your training the most—are the perfect source of referrals for your boot camp business! They’re the ones that will rave about you to their friends, family, co workers, you name it.

There IS a window for when it’s best to ask for referrals: within the first month of a client’s membership. That’s when they’ll be excited enough to encourage their loved ones to join them at boot camp.

Try to incentivize your referrals! That could mean offering discounts to anyone who refers a friend, or even something on that person’s wish list. What that will do is it will make your clients feel compelled, perhaps even obligated, to spread the news about your boot camp.

If you’re still worried about getting referrals, we’ve got some great news for you. Fit Body knows how to get referrals! We’ll walk you through how to sustain your growing fitness business!

How can you not love that?

Deliver The Ultimate Client Experience
Your fitness business isn’t complete without an amazing client experience. After all, it’s your job to live up to the hype you build for yourself…

You want your clients to feel special. You want them to feel like they’re the only client you’ve ever had. Try handing out awards, unexpected gifts, or free merchandise to your clients—they’ll love it!

This attitude should also be reflected in your training. Things like remembering your clients’ names, encouraging them through workouts, or displaying positive body language can go a long way in making each person feel comfortable.

At Fit Body, we’ll give you the playbook for the ultimate client experience! It’s all thanks to our service-minded approach: we love serving our members, our owners, and the world!

Get Results And Change Lives!
At the end of the day, you’re going to be judged on one thing only: results.

People are placing their fitness lives in your hands. They often come to you at the end of their rope, exhausted because everything they’ve tried to do to lose weight just hasn’t worked…

THAT’S what your business plan is really all about. The more effectively you operate, the more people you can reach and the more lives you can change.

There’s no reason to hesitate; the power to grow a fitness enterprise is in your hands! Click here to get started today!

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